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Successors of "The Intermediate Rules of the Force", originating from eastern martial arts.
Trained in speed focused combat, Bladers will slash, & cut anything in their way.
Notorious Harem Lords.
True Master's of manifesting the Force for long range, DEVASTATING Spells.
Destruction is their game. Only few are worthy to play.
Archers who manifest the Force in it's purest form.
Expert's of the Force Amplifier - Orb,
They rival even the deadly Force Gunners in accuracy and precision.
With Force & Sword in both hands.
Force Bladers are incredibly versatile, a "jack of all trades"
Specialists in using "Astral Shields"
They possess the highest defense among the classes.
Perfect for those natural born leaders.
Arguably, the best melee in melee combat.
Warriors are the anti-thesis of the Force Shielder.
Might blow a 3-1 lead

Awakened Mirage Island

Field Bosses

Holia Keldrasil