Battle Pass Player Guide

Sat, Nov 6, 2021 1:10 AM

Battle Pass Player Guide

Once you've logged in navigate to Web Events > Battle Pass and you'll see the 5 Mission Levels.

Currently we only have 5 Mission, choose the mission you would like to complete first.

Click on "View Mission List" to view list of missions available for that level.

You can also view the available rewards for this mission level.

Once you ready to take the mission, just click on "Accept Mission" and a popup will appear to let you decide which character you will be using.

Please note that there are requirements in order to complete the mission.

Note: You can only choose once per mission so choose wisely.

If you think you have completed the required tasks to complete the mission, then go back to the list of missions, then click on "View Progress" and hit "Refresh Progress" to refresh the data.

And then repeat until you completed all the missions in that level.

You can purchase the Battle Pass Ticket here

Key Notes:
You can only claim the rewards if you have completed all the missions in that particular level.

Example: Easy Level - all missions have completed then you can claim that reward on the Mission Level List.

[Images are taken on the development site, and may differ from the live site]

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